We Don't sell notebooks, We Notebookize your thoughts

Nootah was founded in 2015, bringing back the life to notebooks. Today we provide a vast collection of customized products; themed, seasonal and personalized notebooks; that fits your needs and reflects your personality. We are hustling to popularize writing on paper notebooks and connecting your thoughts in the digital age by providing an outstanding writing experience. The quality of notebooks is our number one concern, whether its durability, paper quality, binding method, paper style, and materials.

Making Ideas Happen

Whether you are a struggling student, a productive professional, an entrepreneur, or a super mom, you have your hands on the kind of notebook that can assist you every day.

Our Vission

Revolutionize the writing experience in the digital era by making it a smart, exciting life experience.

Our Mission

We sell more than just notebooks, we help people notebookize their thoughts, plan their life and find their passion to finally live happily and be productive. Nootah is a creative Egyptian company enjoying continuing growth. We are aiming to be a fully customized stationery place. Our home studio is in Azola Concept store in Downtown Mall, New Cairo